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happy birthdayy! I didn't play yet, but the game aesthetic looks amazing

Happy birthday Nikita and thanks for creating nice games!

¡happy bday nikita!

Parabéns e obrigado

С днюхой!


May I make a translation file for it?

happy birthdayyyy

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday




Никита, выеби меня в очелло

happy bday Nikita! ^^

Happy birthday, have good day 👍

Might be late, but happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!

This game says it has a virus on it, so I won't be able to play this. :(


Happy Birthday!!! <3

Happy Birthday!! <

Happy birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday bro!!!!

Happy Bat-Day, birth-man!


Happy birthday!!! :D

happy birthday!!

Happy bday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the great giveaway :D

happy birthday ^o^ 


Happy Birthday and thank you for the generous gift.

Carl's voice: Happy birthday!

Happy B-Day

Everyone's saying happy birthday so a happy birthday to you! I really like the sound of this game, i plan to make a video out of it hopefully soon. I will post it here when it's made :) The art style is amazing

Happy Birthday! I can download the game on browser but not on the app, I believe it is because the download is not tagged to any platform.

happy birthday!!

- Happy Birthday -


Happy Birthday!! Your stuff on Soundcloud deserve more listens!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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