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developer, Google synthesizer update new Nikita Kryukov has been released please make an update, her voice has become more pleasant

Happy Belated Birthday, and also just wanted to say that your music and games are truly one of a kind and they tell great stories and give out amazing and intricate thoughts as well as provocate some really intriguing and mind nuzzling thoughts and feelings. Loved this and also the Milk Bag series!

с  днюхой




Happy Birthday and thank you!

Parabéns e obrigado

mfw the birthday is happy

Happy birthday


Nikita, happy birthday. I've got to thank you for those novellas. Thank you, really

Happy Birthday



Хм... Возможно, даже немного удручает, что большая часть тех, кто ныне поздравляет с Днём рождения Крюкова, не поздравила бы его с Днём рождения, если бы товары оставались всё так же - платными... Да и поздравляют его под копирку... Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V...  

В любом случае, Никита Крюков, Вы являетесь достойным разработчиком, хорошим композитором... Я Вас поздравляю с днём рождения, желаю Вам плодотворной работы... Благодарю за раздачу. Не мы Вам дарим подарки - а Вы нам....


Happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday! :)

Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Happy birthday!!! perfect games!

happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday !!

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Pal!


happy birthday !!



happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for the great giveaway :D

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday! ^o^

happy birthday to you

happy birthday 

happy birthday!!

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Happy Birthday!

happy bday!

Happy birthday 😊

Happy Birthday!

Carl's voice: Happy birthday!

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