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I as a person have growned attached to the indie game developers and in my years of playing games none compare to this glorious masterpiece truly simple yet with soo much to give i thank the

Also happy birthday xd


happy belated birthday! this was a gut-punch in the best way possible. this felt so similar to my experience with ocd, and i felt seen, even if delightfully uncomfortable. this was very helpful with trying to convey what it generally feels like. i played this with my boyfriend and he said the POV of the narrator felt like someone trying to help someone with ocd out doing simple tasks. terrific game, thank you (:

Happy birthday! Thank you for offering your games for free! I have a MacBook Air and the game file isn't opening :(

Happy Birthday! thank you for this game I will play next one too 

Could you give the key to steam?

никитачка, с др!!

this game is really good and its so cool you just made it completely insane

Happy Birthday Nikita! Here is my playthrough of this game!


Happy birthday!! thank you for making the game free for this special day, i always wanted to play it! <

happy birthday!

Classic. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday 

Happy birthday !

С днем рождения Никита! Покупал игру в стиме для друга ему очень понравилось, Спасибо за такие чудесные игры! 

happy birthday!

gl wherever you go next

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday :)

Happy birthday to you Nikita!!!

Happy birthday to you! And thank you for sharing.

С днём рожденья, Никита

Happy birthday

Happy birthday! Super glad I got to play this game - it was really a great and riveting experience.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthdayyy!

Happy Birthday man!

Happy birthdayyyyy

To start off, happy birthday Nikita! Thank you so much for gifting us your games for free—that means a lot! Secondly, this game was AMAZING! Really got some Bakemonogatari vibes from this one, and I enjoyed my play through.

Thanks for the game,

- Kuya Sunset


Happy birthday!!

first of all, happy birthday big man! 

secondly, what does PMKM stand for? rlly curios 👀

Happy birthday!

happy bday nkita,thanks

ура с днём рождения счастья здоровья великого и могучего всего

Happy birthday

С днëм рождения!!!!

happy birthday <3

Parabéns e obrigado

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!!!

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