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(How do you feel?)

- I definitely feel. Sometimes that's more than enough.

(Still, you're anxious, aren't you?)

- Of course. Moreover, I'm completely terrified. Was it that obvious?

(You're looking in every direction, but not up.)

- Ah, this...

- I've already told you, haven't I?

(About what?)

- Ah, you know, small stuff.

(Can small stuff make you terrified?)

- It's... hard to explain.

I climb up the metal railing and let my legs hang down. I sneak short glances at the abyss from time to time. It replies with angry, cold breath. That's how we interact. Like old friends.

- Sometimes I feel like the whole world pretends to be crazy.

- As if it's trying to make me believe in something that doesn't exist.

(That's weird, isn't it?)

The game is a sequel to Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk.

The game's events begin the same moment the first game ends.


  • Psychedelic narrative full of pyramidal verbal constructions.
  • Stylized pixel graphics which reflect the girl's distorted perception of the world.
  • High variability: each playthrough is unique. However, some dialogue lines, images and scenes have only a small chance of appearing; you'll have to really get close to the girl in order to find out everything she hides.
  • Oppressive and viscous soundtrack.


ESC - pause menu

F - fullscreen/windowed mode


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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Забавно, что здесь нет таких как я, хотя мне кажется, ты знаешь о чём я. Другого способа выразить благодарность я не нашёл, да и в английском я не силён. В общем, спасибо за твою работу, конечно я такой же пиксель в пространстве интернета как и все, но всё-же это неважно. Просто я не понаслышке знаю, что значит сидеть в 4 стенах, вроде бы я вышел, а вроде и нет, многое от меня осталось в той комнате. А игра мне напомнила себя, поэтому спасибо огромное.

I really loved the first game, but the sequel is just incredible with the high quality animations, combined with the branching choices leading to such abstract dreamscapes. It all combines to an amazing abstract experience of perceiving a troubled mind, it really felt like the strongest part of the game is that it felt like a 3rd person perspective directly into someone's troubles and nightmares. It feels abstract to us but lucid to the main character, so many great visual moments.

The game was beautifully made and a real treat, and especially the first part really touched me, since I could relate through my own struggles with mental illness. Thank you so much for making both of these games!


The sequel was even better than I expected. Fantastic work!

I'm trying to play the Mac version of the game, but when I try to, a message saying "The application “PMKM2” can’t be opened." pops up. Is there something I need to do? I am using an Apple M1 Macbook Air with OS Monterey. 

Well... I have nothing to say except if felt like an absolute gem, well crafted and made. The artstyle is incredible, the sound design superb...

So yeah, this comment is just a temporary glimpse of my own existence, just like this game felt like dust in the Void !


This is a huge upgrade from the previous game, I just loved every aspect of the game and enjoyed every bit of it. The beginning cinematic gave me chills, and nostalgia because it gave off that old-school anime vibe. The music is also amazing! The visuals are even better this time! Even though I still don't know what is actually going on, I just want the main character to be happy ): but seriously, whyyy the cliffhanger!! now I cant way for the next part!!


words cant describe how much i want to bring happyness to this poor girl

i love the art style

How do I open this game on Mac

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I like this game a lot. 

Even more than the first! 

Gotta said not playing the previous game did cause me to be hella confuse but regardless this was a fun experience.


I loved this game and I have achieved all of the endings, I'm really invested in this girls life, and I'm hoping we can get another sequel, with a lot more, just like this sequel is to the first. Id be more than willing to pay even more than this one costs. If you want it, you could easily make a career in video games.

Nikita i haven't played the game yet but i just want to say that this soundtrack is f*cking AMAZING! They need to hire you for triple A Game because its well needed in this day and age of video games


I do love a soundtrack that can be described as "viscous".


Was definitely looking forward to the sequel and here it is, bigger, more detail, more polish and even animated cutscenes, crazy stuff! Will have fun narrating the lines. 


Masterful storyteller, thank you for this

Full Play No Commentary 


Absolutely sick game! I have finished all endings, and it leaves me wanting for more! The serial experiments lane vibe and unique estetic sells this experience. The sound design is spot on, featuring a lot of unique soundtracks. Nikita, I thank you for such a unique experience. You have made a wounderful game!


Amazing! Going to be mulling this game over for days between playthroughs.


The first game was really memorable, I'm very excited to play the sequel!