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This is the best game in the world can wait to play more of your games you make in the future

We played this a few months ago and loved how surreal this game was. Very unsettling art style and narrative, definitely made you think a bit at the end. Really glad we checked this out :)

I really liked this!

I really want this game, but don't use steam. Is there anyway to get this game drm-free and without having to install a client?

Question: What is the font that you use in the game? Particularly the font in the banner with the title on it.


is it just me or does the paypal not work


Paypal does not work in my country anymore, so unfortunately there's no way to purchase my games on Itch now.

Ah that's too bad, was thinking it'd be nice to also have the mac version, I'll buy it on Steam then. Lmk if there's a way to donate or something too

This game is so strange and I love it, it really manages to walk the line between creepy and comedic. I loved the humour, and the out of left field humour, especially the moment you talk with the shop worker.

Can’t wait to play the sequel when I have time.

I loved this... Even though I have no clue what I played, liked the inclusion of the red and pink design of the game being the characters actual vision from a disability, also the demonic aspect is quite nice. "O"

I really really liked this game. So unique using only pink and red and making that tie into the story. I enjoyed it a lot!

It was such an bizarre yet beautiful game to play. ejoyed every second of it.

there is no milk, its just bag

great game


Twas a fantastic game

This game was bizarre, jarring and incredibly interesting, I loved it and can't wait to play the sequel

Unique, bizarre, unerving experience. 

I came for it. And it clearly was worth it :o

Let's play the sequel now !!!

A short Visual Novel where you have to go buy milk.

You can read more about it in my review (

Gotta say I really digged this odd, bizarre game. I mean it's good great I love the atmosphere but my god is it something.

it was a pretty interesting game! i had fun and hope to see the new one coming soon :D 

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This is the least visual novel I’ve ever played

Holy carp, there is a lot to unpack here. Ok Let's break this up, I will first talk about the graphics, the dialogue, the music, and finally my own interpretation of the game. I apologize if I don't make a lot of sense. I also left a link to my video incase anyone wants to watch it!

The Graphics

I absolutely love the pixelated look. There are sections where the amount of detail is minimal that you're not really sure what you're looking at, but then there are other parts where there is just enough you know what is there. All I'm trying to say is that there is a balance to the amount of detail.

It leads the player to just imagine what is going on, literally like a visual novel. I also love the different shades of pinks and red. Overall, the graphics give it that mysterious and eerie feeling.

The Dialogue

Most of the time I was confused as to what she was saying, but I loved how you get to choose what you want to say to her. I loved the fourth wall breaks

because it actually feels like the character is aware of where and what she is. In my opinion, I haven't seen many games with fourth wall break, so that

was a unique part of the game. Even though there are no facial expressions or voice actors, the way that the text is displayed along with the visual image and music gives personality to the character if that makes sense.

The music

The music is filled with simple tones yet it sets the mood for each of the scenes.

My Interpretation (SPOILERS: Read at your own risk)

So, we start off with the title screen 'Help me Buy Milk!,' a pretty simple task right? Well, for us, yes, but for the protagonist not so much as you will see throughout the game. Once we get to the counter the cashier is not human, in fact, the people aren't human at all this could be that she wants to disassociate people because it might remind her of her father. Later it is revealed that after her father died she just wasn't the same anymore, that is why she is prescribed medicine. This is purely speculation, but I think the protagonist is suffering from some form of depression and split reality. I mean seeing your own father's death with his fleshy bits scattered all over the floor is pretty scarring and horrific. So we the player are probably a figment of her imagination, that's why she speaks to us as if we are in her mind. The Mom is pretty creepy, there is not much context to her other than demanding the protagonist to buy milk. But yeah that is as much as I would like to say about the game.

Overall, I wish I can give this game more than 5 stars, definitely one of my favorites. It definitely stands out with its unique aspects. I highly recommend others to play this game for its unique interactions, graphics, and story.

I loved this humor in this game, it really helped emphasize the occasional existential horror side. This is the kind of visual novel that isn't a chore to play in any kind of way. You choose your choices and end up where you end up but it isn't difficult at all to go back and see everything else.

Great game! I can finally move on to playing the sequel now.

Thanks for making games!

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Your mileage with the Linux version may vary, especially if using Wayland or running using Linux via ChromeOS. It gave me a compatibility error (in russian), then only opened in a tiny box. Enabling full screen works, but the game contents stay confined to a tiny corner of the screen (the styled cursor can move anywhere though). 

I have not had issues like this in years with ChromeOS, but you can manually fix it to an extent with something like:

sommelier -X --scale=.31 --dpi=460 ./

I played with the above values a bunch until I found something that didn't crash the game and looked ok. Note that I'm also on a 4K screen.

A replay to get fresh for Outside a Bag of Milk. Such an experience , Thank you

Full Play No Commentary 


Makes me want to rewatch serial experiments lain off my meds again 10/10

really good

Ну-с, чаво сказать? Такое ощущение, что игру делали быстро, за несколько дней, но все эти несколько дней разработчик творил без остановки (как ET на Atari, только в твоём случае игра хорошая)). Давно я в такие оригинальные игры не играл, даже на оригинальный саундтрек в steam денег не жалко, это первый раз когда я купил OST; приятно когда деньги идут на поддержку небольших самобытных проектов вроде молока. Никита, удачи, надеюсь моя копеечка тебе чем-нибудь поможет, а игра будет развиваться. Штош, я всё; скажу ещё десять тысяч раз: удачи!                                                                                                                                                                                                       P.S. В англоязычном интернете как-то заметно больше контента по молоку, чем в русскоязычном, хотя нечасто наши делают что-то по-настояцему своё. Странно это.


-man, since i played this game i didn´t stop thinking about it, i mean, it´s such a good game and i liked the sensation it gives you, i like the art i like the gameplay, i like everything, i wish you good luck for the sequel, hope it´s even better then the first wone ;

-oh, and this is the video i maked of the game, well, the sound looks like chit, but still.
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