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I thought this game was very interesting! I liked trying to decode the themes of mental illness and what medication can do to someone with it! I loved the visuals as well, and the writing was really nice. Overall, I loved the surreal experience and I hope you can make more games like these! :)

I created this account just to tell you, this game is fantastic, I felt very touched by it, I enjoyed every second and I ended up shedding a small tear, this is truly a masterpiece, I look forward more content from you on the future.

Thank you, I appreciate it! 

I really love your game. It was a fascinating and unsettling experience. I highly recommend it and hope to see more of your work in the future. Greetings from Chile.

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Saw on twitter it was your birthday a few weeks ago, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I bought the game on steam originally but I loved it so much I thought I'd buy it here too so you get something from the proceeds :). Hope you had a lovely birthday!

Thank you!

Happy birthday! It was my birthday too, so it was like a gift from you to me from me to you :)? I don't usually play visual novels much, or enjoy them, but this was real nice in its own, sad (the theme), way. My favorite thing in the whole game would be the ice cream metaphor. I'm not sure why it's categorized as horror, because there was nothing horror about it. Just sadness, mixed with hope for better days.

Thank you! The game was made for a horror-themed game jam, so that's where the "horror" tag comes from.

happy birthday!! ^^

this is really great! and I wish you a happy-happy birthday! thanks for the discount, (even though i could just pay for it with one dollar) but hey! this is super cool, and i really really love it. I laughed while playing it, it was funny and enjoyable.

Ah this game is great! I had my eye on it for a while because of the unique art style until I finally purchased it. It is more of a visual novel (as it calls itself) but it's worth a play. It feels like a very honest insight into the head of someone that struggles with everyday tasks and I'm finding myself still haunted by this red world days after playing it. I'm thinking about this character and how many people live the way she does and how a lot of people still don't understand. I anticipate the games you make in the future, great work!

A Great Visual Novel!


Bought and downloaded this game but I can't get it to install on my Mac (Mac OS Big Sur), anyone give me hand?


hi, i'm having the same issue, did you happen to figure out a solution?

Nope, not yet. Let me know if u figure it out tho

Brilliant game with great art aesthetic! Got the steam one, hope you have a good coffee or smth with that dollar

Thank you!

I will never look at the letter O the same again.

Deleted post

No Commentary :)


Very odd and reminds me a lot of the dev Yames. I do wonder;- What program did you use to make this? Also, I do want to mention how much of an emotional impact it has on certain demographics and you got your message through in a straightforward yet story based way. I'll definitely stay tuned in for more like this.


Thank you! The game was made using Ren'py engine.

I love visual novels, it's awesome that your game is available in portuguese (i'm brazilian) ,and your artwork is so gorgeous! Are you interested in a co-op bundle? I recently finished an update for my game ([DIS] Assemble) and we are making a pre black friday bundle with another art asset pack


Hey i bought this game on steam a while ago cause i'm really into games with these themes and art and it caught my attention! Just wanted to say this is INCREDIBLE even tho it's a short game, it's rare to find simple dialogue that talk so directly to you, it also triggered me at some parts as someone who is neurodivergent n mentally ill as well. The dissociation of reality affected me a lot too haha, You did a great job like fr fr

This game is amazing! Not sure how else to contact you but I'm writing an essay on how perceptions of the world that can't usually be expressed can be done through video games and this is a terrific example, thank you for this!

If I may ask, is this feeling of anxiety and hostility of the world something you experience often? As someone who has and does struggle with anxiety, the feelings this game elicited were so familiar to me. You did a great job!

Thank you!
The overall feel of the game was achieved mostly by researching on related topics, but some personal stuff seeped in too. 

Thank you for this game! It was a great experience, i really liked the story and the setting, hope to see more of your games! You're great!

Am I just really overthinking it or did her parents die in a car crash? I have a few theories but that's probably my biggest

I loved the game, very interesting setting and story

it looks interesting. Does it have a spanish version

Sorry, only Russian and English are available for now.


Ah, I enjoyed this a lot. What a good way to convey the main character's mental state.


Thank you!


This is isn't a horror game. It's a feeling game.


The main character says, "What is it like to see the world with my eyes?"

Someday. Someday everyone will be able to see the world in your eyes too. Someday people will understand.

It's an interesting visual novel, different design from the usual visual novel developed using Renpy engine. The story was confusing at the beginning, but as the story progress it becomes more clear of what's happening. The pixel art is lovely, good combination between red, white, and black color to create a different perspective of the world. The dialog also describe the world the main character see quite nice.

Also, the main character isn't scary at all. This isn't a horror game. This is a story of someone who's being left behind by the society.


I am really happy that you liked it! It means a lot.



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Oh my, the price is updated. Okay, then I'll pay for it tomorrow, it's night here. Sorry.


It was my publisher's request in order to avoid conflicts with Steam.


It's okay!

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